Bird Scooter Accident Lawyer Miami, FL

Bird Scooter Accident Lawyer Miami, FL

If you’ve been injured in an incident involving an electric scooter, you’re not alone; as a Bird scooter accident lawyer Miami, FL residents trust can confirm, electric scooter accidents are becoming increasingly common. All over Florida, electric scooters can be found propped up in special racks and strewn on sidewalks where the last people to rent them set them aside wherever they chose to. These scooters are convenient and fun. Because they are easiest to enjoy in temperate climates, they have become particularly popular in states like Florida, where the weather tends to be relatively kind to those who enjoy the outdoors. However, these scooters are no match for distracted, drunk, or drowsy drivers. Also, they can malfunction, injuring riders through no fault of their owner. Finally, scooter riders may themselves be distracted and run into innocent passersby. Having an electric scooter around can unfortunately be a recipe for disaster.  

Can I Sue if I’ve Been Injured in a Scooter Accident?

Generally speaking, U.S. law allows accident victims to sue for damages if the party or parties responsible for the harm they have suffered owed the accident victims a so-called legal duty of care under the law, breached that duty, and the victims suffered injury, property damage, or other financial loss as a result of that breach. With that said, every case is different. The details of an accident scenario “matter” when it comes to answering the question of whether a specific victim has grounds to file an insurance and/or legal claim against those responsible for the harm they’ve endured.

Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer Miami, FL residents trust can help you to clarify your situation. Rather than making assumptions, for better or worse, about the relative strengths and weaknesses of your case, you can speak to a professional and obtain an honest assessment of whether you might be in a position to file a legal claim. Whether your scooter backfired, you were hit by a motorist, or a scooter operator hit you, you may be in a position to obtain compensation for your injuries. Speaking with us will allow you to make an informed choice concerning how you wish to proceed.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you’ve been injured while riding a Bird scooter or any other brand of electric scooter, you likely have legal options available to you. Similarly, if you were injured by someone riding an electric scooter or by a scooter malfunction, you can almost certainly file a personal injury claim to recover damages for the harm you have suffered. Please connect with the Florida legal team at Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. today. The area of law that governs electric scooter accidents is relatively new and is still evolving. However, our firm has experience with this kind of personal injury scenario and we can help you to explore all legal options available to you. Please connect with our experienced Miami, FL Bird scooter accident lawyer team today; we look forward to speaking with you.