Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer Miami, FL

Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer Miami, FL

One of the newest and most dangerous transportation crazes is the rentable electric scooter, a trend which has many accident victims seeking the help of an electric scooter accident lawyer, Miami FL relies upon. While these vehicles are fun to use, they can cause serious injury to both riders and anyone who encounters those riders.

Riders Injured when Equipment is Defective or Malfunctions

The term “battery powered” no longer means “under-powered.” These little scooters are surprisingly quick, and riders aren’t always ready for a sudden acceleration. But the most serious problems occur when the scooters malfunction during or just before a ride. Dangerous scenarios can include:

·        Brakes that do not work at all or don’t fully stop the vehicle, causing the rider to veer into traffic or into a wall/stationary object

·        Brakes that are too sensitive or that lock up, throwing the rider off the vehicle

·        Loose wheels that can fall off during a ride, sending the rider crashing to the ground or into traffic

·        Batteries that overheat and explode, causing a fire and perhaps burning the rider

As a personal injury lawyer Miami, FL trusts can tell you, the companies that offer these scooters for rent often do a poor job warning users of the risks or encouraging them to wear helmets and other critical safety equipment. When a rider is harmed due to any of the problems mentioned above, he or she may be able to hold the company liable for negligence.

Reckless Riders can Cause Injury to Other Travelers

Even if a scooter is in perfect working condition, it can still cause serious injuries because of the way it is being used or stored. Riders are responsible to operate these vehicles safely and owe a duty of care to other travelers using roads and sidewalks. Common accident scenarios can include:

·        Riders traveling on sidewalks and colliding with pedestrians, bicyclists and others

·        Riders zipping through an intersection with no warning, causing oncoming cars to slam on their brakes and veer out of the way

·        Riders riding too close to certain pedestrians who cannot get out of the way, such as those in wheelchairs or those pushing baby strollers

·        Riders leaving scooters strewn across the sidewalk when finished, creating tripping and injury hazards for others

In most of these cases, the riders themselves could be held liable for the injuries they cause. In certain cases, the company could also be held liable for the actions of riders, but that would need to be investigated on a case-by-case basis. If you decided to pursue litigation, the initial filing may name multiple defendants to help your attorney better investigate the cause of the accident and who may have been liable.

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