Florida Lawyer Explains Slip and Fall Accidents

A Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL Trusts Explains Slip and Fall Accidents

Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale FLEvery day, thousands of people flock to Fort Lauderdale FL malls for shopping, eating, and as leisure. Many do not anticipate getting injured while strolling through different establishments. However, it is always possible for a liquid puddle or object to be in your walkway, causing you to slip and fall.

When this happens, many shoppers are unsure about what to do. Is the mall considered public property? Is there a security guard that needs to be notified? Do malls have medical areas? Below a Fort Lauderdale FL personal injury lawyer answers a few common questions such as these in hopes that, if you endure a slip and fall while at the mall, you will know how to respond appropriately.

What Should I Do if Injured While at the Mall?
If you are injured at the mall but not in a specific store, you should notify an employee right after the incident. You can choose a worker that is nearest to where you got hurt and get their contact information including name, position, and which store he or she works. You can ask that employee to call an ambulance if it is needed and wait until paramedics arrive.

How Will I Be Able to Show Proof?
Most people have their cell phones on them at all times, so utilize your camera and take pictures of what contributed to your fall. Was there a toy near the elevator you hadn’t noticed? Was there spilled liquid? An overly waxed floor? These images will likely be useful as proof when your personal injury lawyer files your injury case. The employee you notified may contact mall security or you can report to the mall security office if able. Do not leave the premises of the mall without reporting the accident first.

What Injuries Should I Expect?
Immediately after the slip and fall, any symptoms of injuries may be delayed. This is why seeing your doctor right after the event can help discover if there are any underlying injuries. If it was a really intense fall that involved stairs or an escalator, your body may be in shock; easily disguising very serious conditions with the amount of adrenaline running through the body. After that adrenaline calms down and returns to normal, you may start to feel aches and pains in places you didn’t initially.

There are common injuries that are associated with a slip and fall, and are listed as follows:

Muscle and tendon tears
Knee sprains
Neck injuries
Broken bones of the extremities
Spinal cord damages
Traumatic brain injuries
Twisted ankles or sprained wrists
Lacerations or cuts
Skull fracture

A Fort Lauderdale FL personal injury lawyer knows that the severity of slip and fall injuries is often underestimated by people who slip on a puddle or other object. They may be quick to brush it off or keep walking because it may feel embarrassing to trip in public. However, by walking away you may be risking having to pay for your own medical bills and other losses if serious injuries were caused. There should be no embarrassment in taking care of yourself.

To find out more information about slip and fall accidents, contact a personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL clients recommend from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A.

Florida Lawyer Explains Slip and Fall Accidents