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Cancer Misdiagnosis

When doctors do not diagnose cancer when they should, the consequences can be devastating. Instead of giving someone the best possible chance to treat the cancer, a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose allows the cancer to progress — putting a patient’s quality of life and indeed life itself in peril.

If this has happened to someone close to you, you may well be angry, confused and dismayed. You may be wondering about bringing a claim for compensation for the severe harm caused by the failure of medical professionals to do their jobs.

At Needle & Ellenberg, P.A., we can help you assert your rights aggressively. Our attorneys have a proven record of results in medical malpractice litigation and offer a free evaluation in which you discuss your legal options. Give us a call today to discuss your specific case. We serve clients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and communities throughout Florida.

Was Your Biopsy Bungled?

In the 21st century, doctors have plenty of tools available to assist them in determining whether someone has cancer. All too often, however, even a simple biopsy can be mislabeled or misread, resulting in delays that affect the viability of the treatment options.

The choices are critical. Should there be surgery, radiation or no treatment at all? Choosing the most effective path is imperative for the patient. Even if cancer is diagnosed, misjudgments about how much or how fast it has spread can be terribly harmful.

This is why it is natural to question whether the diagnosis in your case was wrong, delayed or altogether missed. Our attorneys can help you bring these questions forward effectively.

We have extensive experience in the investigation and pursuit of medical negligence cases based upon an incorrect or untimely diagnosis. We consult with leading medical experts to assess the standard of care and to determine if that standard was breached in the case at hand.

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When opportunities for timely treatment of cancer are lost as a result of misdiagnosis, there may be actionable malpractice. Not every delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis results in actionable legal damage, but when it does, our lawyers have the experience with misdiagnosis of cancer cases to assist you in the pursuit of financial compensation.

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