Personal Injury Claims in Miami, FL

Personal Injury Claims Miami FL

A personal injury claim in Miami, Florida, can get you the compensation you deserve for your injury. But before filing a claim, it’s important to know whether or not you have a personal injury claim on your hands. How can you tell? It boils down to negligence, responsibility, and who can be held accountable for your injuries. In a personal injury case, there could be more than one party responsible for your injuries, which means more than one party that owes you damages so you can recover and move on from your injury successfully. Look through the following examples for a more in-depth explanation of negligence and responsibility… 

Example 1: Car Accident

For our first example, let’s say you were driving along and minding your own business, when suddenly someone who was texting and driving runs a stop sign and t-bones your car. Expensive, painful, and possibly life-changing – an accident like this has many factors to consider, and whether you can pursue a personal injury claim becomes pretty clear when you investigate the causes.

Firstly, the person who ran into your car was texting and driving. It’s pretty clear they can be held responsible for your injuries, and you might want to consider a personal injury claim considering the accident was (most likely) very serious: A side impact can cause serious injury or even death, and the medical bills alone will be astronomical. But aside from the negligent driver, it’s important to look at the whole accident site. Was the stop sign blocked by a tree, too small, or improperly placed? To a certain degree, the city might be responsible for your injuries as well.

Example 2: Slip and Fall

For our second example, let’s go shopping. Nothing out of the ordinary, and millions and millions of people do it every day. You were looking through a business and shopping around, when suddenly you slip and fall on wet tile. Slip and falls may seem innocent enough, but they can actually cause major injuries or health complications well after the fact, so every slip and fall injury deserves to be treated seriously.

Who is at fault in this situation? Businesses should be mindful of the safety of their customers, and if there was no “wet floor” sign posted to warn you about the wet tile, you could have a solid personal injury case on your hands. Without proper warning, you (or someone else) could be seriously injured, and you shouldn’t have to pay those medical bills out of pocket. Fortunately, there are plenty of legal options for you if you decide to pursue a personal injury claim in Miami, FL.

Example 3: Injured at Work

For our third example, we’ll visit a construction site. You’re on the job, and you’re working hard. Your next task requires you to go up on a scaffolding. However, without warning, the scaffolding collapses, and you hit the ground hard. This is a serious safety oversight on your employer’s end, and while it might seem like a cut and dry workers’ compensation claim, can you file a personal injury claim as well?

Ordinarily, this would strictly be a workers’ compensation issue, but what about the scaffolding manufacturer? If a product was defective, knowingly put on the market, and caused you a serious injury, you might have a personal injury claim on your hands.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

A personal injury lawyer Miami FL can help you investigate your accident to determine who is at fault, and who owes you compensation. Whatever the case, a personal injury can put your life on hold. Not only will you be dealing with a long and challenging recovery, but you’ll also be faced with expensive medical bills, insurance companies that are hesitant to pay you enough, and lost wages that complicate paying off any major financial obligations you might have.

A personal injury lawyer can help you secure the compensation you deserve from all responsible parties. Contact Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. for your personal injury claim in Miami, FL, so you can focus on recovering – we’ll handle the rest.