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Steps To Take After a Bike Accident

As a cyclist, bike crashes and getting “doored” by someone stepping out of their vehicle can arise suddenly and unexpectedly. Cyclists may not have enough time to get out of the way of danger even if they see it approaching. The main threat to cyclists who share the road with cars is those who drive them. Car drivers are often focused on their phones, the radio, or passengers, and are not paying enough attention to those around them. Tragic bike accidents can occur when car drivers are not using their due diligence to share the road safely. If you have been injured in a bike accident, call our personal injury law firm Fort Lauderdale, Florida cyclists have counted on for years. 

Here we discuss what steps to take if you are ever involved in a bike accident: 

Get Off The Road and Somewhere Safe Immediately

If you were hit by a car while in the middle of the road, get yourself up and off to the side so you are out of the way of danger. If you aren’t able to move yourself alone, then ask bystanders for help. If you are already in a safe spot, then do not rush yourself to your feet. Stay where you are and examine your chest, head, abdomen, and other areas for injury. Accidents can feel like a whirlwind and you may be in a state of shock, so it’s best to call for help rather than try to shrug it off and keep going. 

Gather The Driver’s Information 

Just as if you were in a car accident with another driver, you will need to obtain certain information. As a leading personal injury law firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida might explain, you should gather the driver’s full name, contact, address, insurance company name, policy number, driver’s license number, license plate number, vehicle make/model/year, and any other details that seem relevant at the time. If you are able to, take pictures and video of the scene to be used as evidence later on. You cannot have too many photos to show your personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale, FL respects. 

Focus On Your Health And Get Check-Ups

The first few days after the bike accident can be confusing and quite painful. You may not feel how bad your injuries are the same day as the collision, and it may take a couple days before you feel aches, pains, restricted motion, headaches, and other symptoms that something is wrong. You must focus on your health and get checked out, along with abiding by your doctor’s recommendations and allowing yourself time to heal. 

Speak With a Fort Lauderdale, FL Personal Injury Law Firm About a Civil Lawsuit

Unfortunately, many cyclists do not understand their rights when it comes to seeking compensation for a personal injury accident. If the driver was at least partially responsible for the wreck, then you could be entitled to financial compensation for losses, damages, and pain and suffering. Most reputable law firms provide free initial consults for new clients, so there’s no obligation to commit to the process until you find out more information. After reviewing the situation, your attorney can let you know whether you have grounds for a civil lawsuit against the driver who hit you, in addition to the next steps to take in order to pursue justice. For a consultation with a personal injury law firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, call Needle & Ellenberg, P.A.