Premises & Product Liability Case:

Product Liability: Sixty Five year-old African-American male in Broward County sustains optical nerve ischemic injury to left eye from inflammatory reaction following administration of defectively compounded ophthalmic solution during cataract removal and lens implantation. Settled: $210,000

Premises Liability/Product Liability: Miami-Dade woman has her arm traumatically amputated after it is caught in malfunctioning washing machine at a laundromat. Verdict: $2,650,000.

Premises Liability/Product Liability: Seventy year-old Miami-Dade woman sustained extensive cosmetic and functional injuries to face, neck and jaw from deployment of defective automobile air-bag. Settled: $1,900,000.

Premises Liability/Product Liability: Forty five year old Orlando area woman sustained serious injury to her hand when it became caught in a heat sealing and packaging machine at a produce distribution company. The injury required multiple reconstructive surgeries to improve function and cosmetic appearance. Settled: $1,305,000

Premises Liability/Product Liability: Slip and fall by fifty six year-old female snowbird at a Miami Beach condominium on wet concrete steps by the pool area causing a burst compression vertebral fracture necessitating surgery. Settled: $450,000