Surgical Mistake Lawyer Fort Lauderdale, FL

Surgical Mistake Lawyer Fort Lauderdale, FL

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A surgical mistake refers to a mistake, or series of mistakes made during a procedure by a member of the surgical team. This team includes the surgeon, nurses, anesthesiologist, and everyone else involved in assisting with the procedure. There are a number of mistakes that can happen during a surgery, the most common include damage to tissues or organs, anesthesia errors, operating on the wrong spot, or the development of an infection. Knowing when you were the victim of a surgical mistake is not always easy. Sometimes, the medical team will attempt to hide their mistake. In other cases, the mistake goes unnoticed for months or years. If you have any feeling that something didn’t go right, or you were told about an error made, please call a surgical mistake lawyer Fort Lauderdale, FL as soon as possible. 

Surgical Mistakes Are a Type of Malpractice

Having to undergo any surgical procedure can be very stressful. Patients place their trust in the medical team and expect them to follow a standard of care. Although complications, out of the hands of the doctors, are possible, many happen because of an error. When any medical professional fails to adhere to the duties of care, and harm is done, a medical malpractice claim can typically be fixed. 

Surgical errors are a type of medical malpractice handled by a medical malpractice lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL has to offer. They can occur during the preparation, the actual procedure, or after the surgery is complete. Not only are the medical professionals responsible for performing the procedure, they must also inform the patient of potential side effects and complications. The patient must give their informed consent, and finally, the team must take care to avoid harming the patient. When these duties are not upheld, and the patient suffers an injury, worsened condition, or death, the medical team (person or persons) can be liable. 

Potential Outcomes of a Surgical Error

A surgical error can be devastating. Not only can it cause unnecessary pain, but it can also create a new condition. The patient may need to undergo corrective procedures or left permanently or temporarily disabled. Sadly, some patients will lose their life. 

Choose a Knowledgeable Surgical Mistake Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you have been the victim of a surgical error, please choose to work with  Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. We are ready to listen to what happened and explore what options may be available. These cases are not only unique, but also particularly challenging. Having a lawyer on your side might be the best decision you can make. For a consultation now, call Needle & Ellenberg, P.A., to speak with a Fort Lauderdale, Florida surgical mistake lawyer.