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Wrongful Birth Lawyer Miami, FL

Wrongful Birth Lawyer Miami, FL

Birth is meant to be a happy occasion, but if a mother or her child has experienced any kind of birth injury, a wrongful birth lawyer in Miami, Florida can make things right again. Birth should be a special time for everyone involved, but a birth injury has the potential to cast a shadow over what should be the best time of your life – and the effects of a birth injury can last a lifetime. It’s important to make sure the medical professionals involved with the birth of a child are trained and experienced, and it’s important to have a plan for any complications that may occur.

Most medical professionals are trustworthy and competent: You can rely on them when you need them most, and they can deliver the right care to ensure everything goes smoothly on the big day. This competence requires years and years of training and education to get the knowledge and experience needed to provide the best care imaginable. But what happens if that nurse, doctor, or other specialist you thought you could trust fails to deliver?

Wrongful Birth and Birth Injuries

Serious medical problems can surface in an infant after improper or inadequate care. Some birth injuries can last a lifetime, and they can be deeply traumatizing for a newborn. Some infants suffer permanent nerve damage from excess pressure applied to the face, and some infants also suffer from clavicle fractures or broken bones, which can have a negative impact on future development and growth. Nobody deserves to go through all that, least of all babies.

Some complications are unavoidable, and unfortunately, some of these unavoidable complications can result in long term injuries. If a baby is large or premature, they may have difficulties developing. However, there are other birth complications that could be perfectly avoidable if properly trained staff is on hand to deliver a child. For example, improper use of forceps can cause long term health complications that could have been avoided with competent medical professionals on hand. All of these complications should be adequately planned for by the staff of a hospital, and a wrongful birth lawyer in Miami, FL, can make things right.

Contacting a Wrongful Birth Lawyer

If you or a loved one’s baby was harmed during birth, seeking out a wrongful birth lawyer is the first step to take on a long journey of recovery and rehabilitation. While no amount of money can make up for any permanent injuries that child can suffer during birth, it can help provide a sense of closure for anyone who has been affected by problems in the delivery room. This financial compensation can also help cover any medical bills and treatments that may be required in the future.

A wrongful birth lawyer is a valuable friend that can help you in a time when you feel like you can’t trust anyone. While the medical community may have let you or your loved one down when you needed them most, a wrongful birth lawyer will strive to make things right by investigating your case and walking you through the process of filing a claim. At Needle & Ellenberg, P.A., we’re committed to each and every client that contacts us about a wrongful birth, and we’ll take steps to make sure you and your loved ones are finally cared for.

A wrongful birth doesn’t mean you should give up on a healthy, happy future for your child. Reach out to Needle & Ellenberg, P.A., and get in touch with a wrongful birth lawyer in Miami, FL, you can trust.

What Should I Do If I Suspect My Child May Have Been Injured During Birth?

The process of giving birth can be a chaotic experience. New parents may not even be fully aware of how many medical personnel are in the room at all times, let alone every procedure performed, medication administered and test ordered. As a result, the aftermath of the birth experience can be strangely disorienting. You may have concerns about your child’s wellbeing that you don’t quite know how to vocalize. You may have questions about your baby’s wellbeing that you aren’t receiving satisfactory answers to. Please know that you are not alone. Many parents struggle with these same challenges. And too often, parents are led to believe that they have nowhere to turn for experienced guidance.

If Your Child May Have Been Injured During the Birth Process

If you either know or suspect that your baby may have been injured during the birth process, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury and wrongful birth lawyer in Miami, Florida. Not all birth-related injuries are immediately apparent, nor are the causes and consequences of such injuries always immediately easy to discern. An attorney experienced in birth injury claims will be able to speak with you about your options once that Miami, FL wrongful birth lawyer learns about your birth process and your baby’s unique situation.

If it is ultimately determined that your baby was injured during the birth process, you may be able to file a legal claim against anyone (and/or any entity, like the hospital where the baby was born or the manufacturer of a medical device or medication that caused the injury) responsible for harming your child. If your claim is successful, you may be able to recover so-called financial damages that will allow you to pay for your child’s past and future medical bills related to the birth injury. Other economic and non-economic damages may be awarded as well. And importantly, your case may help to ensure that other babies are not similarly harmed in the future.

Birth Injury Claims Assistance Is Available

Struggling with the aftermath of a traumatic birth experience can leave new parents feeling drained, confused, frustrated and alienated. Please understand that you do not need to navigate your questions and concerns alone. It can often be difficult to determine at a glance whether your child has suffered injury as a result of a traumatic birth experience. And even when injuries are immediately apparent, it may be difficult to determine whether they could have been prevented by the physicians, nurses and medical facilities associated with a baby’s birth. A wrongful birth lawyer in Miami, FL can help you to navigate these challenges and obtain answers to your questions.

In addition, an experienced attorney from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. will be able to speak with you about your options and help to ensure that your decisions are informed. Even if you choose not to pursue legal action, the process of speaking with an wrongful birth lawyer in Miami, FL will help you to avoid wondering “what if?” down the road.