Four women come forward to claim sexual assault at Miami spa

Lawyers representing victims of sexual assault understand how emotionally traumatic the incident can be for any victim. In some cases, individuals may never fully recover from the trauma and may even believe that the assault was their own fault. It can be difficult for victims of assault to come forward, but they are encouraged to do so in order to seek justice for the attack.

Since February, four women have come forward claiming that they were sexually assaulted by staff at Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami. One woman said, “I felt forced to come forward because I know there are other victims out there.” The incident reported to be the first occurred in January. A woman was assaulted during a massage by a 27-year-old man. The spa employee was arrested in February for the incident and has been charged with sexual battery.

A second incident of sexual assault was reported just a week later from another woman who had also gone to the spa for a massage. Her attorney commented that the massage therapist had “touched the victim in a grotesque, sexual manner against her will and without her consent.”

Since the initial reports, two more women have come forward claiming that they were assaulted during 2010. All four women who have come forward in the attacks are suing Doral Spa.

Many victims of sexual assault believe that it was their fault or that they did something to bring the assault upon themselves. However, Miami personal injury attorneys remind their clients that they were not at fault. In some cases, inadequate security may be a contributing factor in an attack. Property owners and managers are responsible for ensuring a safe environment for patrons. This includes taking safety measures to help prevent any criminal activity. If property owners are negligent to security risks, they could be held responsible for attacks that occurred on their property under premises liability laws in Florida.

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