Bike Week begins in Daytona Beach, drivers urged to take caution

According to the Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition, 60 percent of motorcycle crashes involving motor-vehicles in Florida are caused by the driver of the other vehicle. With Bike Week beginning today in Daytona Beach, AAA and the coalition want to remind drivers on Florida roads to take caution and be aware of motorcyclists on the roads.

The director of AAA Auto Club South’s Traffic Safety Culture said, “Motorcycle riders are more at risk than other motorists since they are often hard to see.” Although bikers may wear enough protective gear and their bikes may be loud, drivers often forget about motorcyclists and assume they only share the road with other cars. This mentality can result in a serious motorcycle accident if drivers are not aware of motorcyclists.

About a half-million motorcyclists will begin their journeys to take part in Bike Week in Daytona Beach this year. With more bikers on the roads, AAA and the coalition want to remind motorcyclists and drivers of a few tips on how to stay safe and aware on Florida roads:

  • Assume that motorcyclists on the roads
  • Check blind spots before making a lane change
  • Take caution when making a left turn
  • Don’t text or surf the web on your cell phone while driving

Personal injury attorneys in Florida have seen the devastating effects of motorcycle crashes caused by other drivers. They have seen many accidents caused by another driver who failed to drive responsibly, and when negligent drivers hit a motorcyclist, the impact can be fatal. Victims have suffered numerous types of injuries including closed head injuries and spinal cord injuries. Although motorcyclists may be wearing helmets and other protective gear, their bodies are no match for a car, truck or SUV.


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