Fatal truck accident on Don Shula Expressway

Because of the size and weight of trucks, virtually any accident involving one has the potential to be devastating. Serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries are not uncommon. The outcome of one such accident last week in Florida was tragic as one person lost their life.

The fatal truck accident occurred on Don Shula Expressway not far from the Snapper Creek Expressway. In the early evening a truck travelling northbound on the Don Shula Expressway overturned, landing in the southbound lanes.

Two people were known to be involved in the accident. One was sent to Baptist Hospital. The other died at the scene. The accident caused portions of the Don Shula Expressway and Snapper Creek Expressway to close for several hours while the scene was cleared.

There are many reasons trucks are involved in accidents. Some crashes are due to the behavior of the driver such as speeding, distracted driving, driver fatigue and drug or alcohol use. Other accidents may occur due to maintenance issues such as brake failure or improperly executed repairs. Still other accidents can be caused by improperly secured cargo or traveling with an oversized load.

Whatever the reason or combination of reasons for an accident, individuals injured in a crash with a truck may be eligible to receive compensation for their injuries and medical expenses via a personal injury lawsuit. The loved ones of a person killed in a truck accident may be entitled to financial compensation as well through a wrongful death lawsuit. Regardless of the type of case, because accidents involving trucks are often complicated, it is important to commence an action in a timely manner.

Source: NBC Miami, “Fatal Accident Closes Shula Expressway at Snapper Creek,” Janie Campbell, Sept. 1, 2011