Copper thieves to blame for Miami woman’s injuries

It is easy to take for granted items that are commonplace in today’s cities. One such item is street lights. We rarely notice that they are on, but when they are not working, problems can ensue.

Bad lighting is being blamed for a car and pedestrian accident that resulted in serious injuries to a 52-year-old woman in Miami. The accident occurred at the intersection of Northwest Seventh Avenue and 59th Street, around 8:20 p.m. as the woman was crossing the street. At the time of the accident the sun was down and the street lights were not on. It was also raining. The driver of the car who hit the woman said he did not see her.

As a result of the crash the woman went through the windshield of the car. According to a Lieutenant with Miami Fire Rescue, upon the unit’s arrival, she was barely alive. She was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital where she underwent surgery. In addition to a punctured liver she also sustained a broken shoulder and broken legs.

City of Miami Police and Fire Rescue believe the driver’s story. According to investigators, due to copper thieves removing wiring, street lights are out covering close to 40 blocks along Northwest Seventh Avenue.

Shortly after the accident the Miami-Dade Public Works Department began to fix the lights. Though in the past it has not been successful, the department is also planning to lock access to the wiring.

The family of the injured woman is placing their blame on the backs of the copper thieves as well. Her daughter believes the driver would have seen her mother and not hit her if the lights had been working as they are meant to.

Source: WSVN, “Woman injured after car hits her on unlit street,” Sept. 9, 2011