Suspect in Sweetwater hit-and-run still at large

Hit-and-run accidents can cause major damage and/or serious personal injury. A recent incident in Sweetwater, Florida, reinforces this unfortunate reality. During a routine traffic stop, the suspect jumped back into the car and took off, firing a weapon at police as he did so.

During his escape attempt, the driver crashed into not one, but two other vehicles, causing one to roll over. The driver then left his auto and jumped into a nearby canal. Armed police and search dogs are continuing the manhunt for the elusive suspect, whose name they know.

Residents of this typically quiet and peaceful neighborhood are nervous and apprehensive about this apparently dangerous suspect. One resident commented that he had never experienced anything like this in the 27 years he has lived there.

The driver of the rolled over SUV had to be airlifted to a nearby medical center for treatment. After viewing the SUV, the victim’s brother commented that, while grateful, he couldn’t believe that anyone survived the horrific crash.

One of the police officers also suffered minor injuries and visited the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, the officer’s injuries do not appear to be life-threatening and did not result from gunshot wounds. Multiple witnesses reported that they herd four or five gunshots just before the devastating accident.

Hit-and-run incidents like this often result in serious personal injury to innocent victims. This incident is another unfortunate example of this reality.

Hopefully Sweetwater police will apprehend the suspect quickly to get everyone out of harm’s way. All hope that the unfortunate innocent victim will recover from the serious injuries suffered during the suspect’s getaway and crash spree.

Source: WSVN, “Suspect sought after hit-and-run crash,” Jan. 3, 2012