Alleged Miami drunk driver charged in man’s death

A Miami woman who allegedly killed a man in December 2010 while driving drunk was recently criminally charged for her reported role in the fatal car accident.

According to the authorities, the man was on the side of State Road 836/Dolphin Expressway, in the safety zone, when he was hit. He was having car trouble at the time and was waiting for a tow truck to come to assist him.

Upon impact the man was thrown into the road. The prosecutors stated that the man’s body was found almost 100 yards away from his vehicle. He died as a result of the collision.

The man was a college student who also managed a restaurant. In his spare time he liked to ride his bicycle.

Prosecutors claim that the woman did not call 911 for assistance after the accident occurred. Instead she reportedly made a call to her friends who then came to the scene of the incident.

While all fatal car accidents are tragic, it is particularly devastating when the accident is caused by a drunk driver. This is because the accident so clearly could have been avoided if the person would have called a friend or a cab to take him or her home.

Once the criminal case reaches a resolution it is likely that the man’s family will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the woman as well. When successful, in this type of civil case the value of the life of the person who died is determined and awarded to the person who files the lawsuit. Because this can be a difficult process it is important to work with an attorney who has experience in this area.

Source: CBS4, “Miami Woman Charged For Fatal 2010 DUI Accident,” March 15, 2012