Investigation launched into buses manufactured by MCI

While all motor vehicle accidents in Florida have the potential to be serious, this is especially true in the case of bus accidents. The reason behind this is simple-the number of people who could potentially be harmed when a bus is full. With serious and sometimes fatal bus crashes so often making the news recently, many have become vigilant regarding what can be done to prevent them.

Motor Coach Industries Inc. is currently being investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after several complaints of problems with drive shafts on the buses that are part of the MCI D-Series. One document related to the investigation indicates that so far 50 people have been hurt in accidents related to the issue. Two others reportedly died in such accidents.

Around 4,000 buses that are being used throughout the country are a part of the investigation that was prompted by a complaint made by the parent company of Greyhound bus lines. Due to the drive shaft failing on multiple buses, the company said that drivers of two buses were involved in accidents after losing control of the vehicles. In addition to injuries, some people died in the crashes.

Experts indicate that there are a couple of ways in which the drive shaft could contribute to causing an accident. The first is because of a lack of safety loops to secure the shafts, if they fell, they could compromise other vital components of the bus such as the brakes if landed upon. Another way in which the failure of the part can potentially cause an accident is by partially falling and getting caught on the roadway which could cause the bus to flip.

There is certainly more to come on this investigation. We will post updates as they become available.

Source: SF Gate, “Feds probe bus defect that may have caused crashes,” Tom Krisher, March 26, 2012