Vehicle in deadly hit and run accident is found

A vehicle matching the description of the one involved in a fatal hit and run car accident on the Florida Turnpike has been located. The owner of the vehicle suspected of causing the deadly accident and then, fleeing the scene, is cooperating with Florida Highway Patrol investigators.

No suspects have as yet been charged in the Miami-area hit and run crash. Investigators are working to confirm that the vehicle they located was indeed the auto that caused the fatal crash that happened around 200th Street.

The victim, a 37-year-old woman, was a passenger traveling on the northbound side of the Turnpike when the vehicle she was in was struck by another car, described as a light-colored PT Cruiser. The PT Cruiser allegedly made an improper lane change, generating an impact which caused the victim’s car driver to spin out-of-control.

The spinning car ended up facing oncoming northbound traffic. In that traffic was a tow truck, which slammed into the right front of the victim’s auto. Tragically, the female passenger lost her life.

Sadly, the tow truck driver stayed at the car accident scene, as required, but the PT Cruiser and its driver sped away. The wife of the driver of the fatal car and the best friend of the victim told police the two had simply gone to run an errand. She added that it would normally have been her in the fatal passenger seat, but she stayed home with her niece.

The victim was apparently not wearing a seat belt. More importantly, she leaves a 16-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter without their mother. This is yet another example of the serious personal injuries or death that can occur in the least expected car accidents.

Source: 6 NBC Miami, “Car Possibly Involved in Fatal Accident Found: Officials,” June 24, 2012