Miami hit-and-run accident claims life of pedestrian

This past weekend, a fatal hit-and-run car accident involving a pedestrian occurred in the Miami area. According to Miami Police, the pedestrian was struck by a speeding car, landing on its windshield before falling to the ground. The victim was then dragged the length of a block by the same vehicle, before the car left the scene. The incident occurred on NW 12th Avenue, between 60th and 61st streets.

Tragically the pedestrian died in the early morning accident.

According to the victim’s neighbors, the pedestrian, a man who was in his 60s, was the primary caretaker for his uncle who is confined to a wheelchair. Though it is not clear what the victim was doing at the time of the accident, he may have been making his daily trip to the store to get water for his uncle.

As commonly happens, the vehicle involved in the incident, along with its driver, were recovered shortly after the accident. Coincidentally, it was a police officer investigating a different incident who found the vehicle with the severed windshield. Charges were expected to be filed.

While it is currently not known what caused the vehicle to flee the scene after the incident, it is likely that it was at least in part due to the speed the vehicle was travelling when it occurred.

This accident provides a good example of why it is important to follow the rules of the road. In this case, not only was the life of one man unnecessarily taken, that of his uncle will undoubtedly be altered as well.

Source: NBC Miami, “Man Dragged in Fatal Hit and Run Accident in Liberty City,” Betty Yu, Sept. 1, 2012

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