Illegal drag racing continues to be deadly

Illegal drag racing, or street racing involves driving at excessive speeds. While doing so on an open roadway and during off times may seem like fun to some drivers, doing so in congested areas with traffic can have deadly consequences.

Street racing has resulted in several car accidents even in the past two months, including at least three deaths and several other injuries. For example, in August, 10 people were injured during a drag-racing accident in Florida when one of the drivers lost control of his vehicle and crashed into spectators.

One Florida mother of a teenager who died in a drag racing accident learned the hard way about the serious consequences that can result when young, inexperienced drivers are willing to drive recklessly by drag racing. In an effort to prevent other drivers from suffering the same fate as her son, she has helped form Mothers Against Racing on the Street in Central Florida. She along with other parents are hoping to send the message to drivers that illegal racing on congested Florida streets can be deadly.

Interestingly, wrongful deaths from car accidents involving racing drivers are not classified as such, unless at least one person is actually charged with racing. This is not always possible if the police suspect that the driver may have been racing, but do not have sufficient evidence to charge the driver with a crime. While the statistics involving drag racing deaths therefore remain elusive, the obvious risks of being involved in a serious car accident persist whenever a driver speeds.

Source: USA Today, “Illegal drag racing still deadly practice,” Larry Copeland, Sept. 16, 2012