Miami nightclubs expected to provide safe venue

When residents of Miami head out for an evening of music and fun there is an expectation that they will be afforded a certain level of safety. The locations where these events occur employ security officers to ensure that no one is hurt during the event. When security at a venue fails to keep its patrons safe, a premises liability lawsuit may be viable.

Last spring a concert by rapper Jim Jones abruptly came to a halt after gunshots rang out at CoCo’s Nightclub, before it even got started. The shots caused the club to be evacuated leaving both patrons and club owners in the lurch. It has been reported that the shots were actually fired by someone who was travelling with the rapper.

The club has sued the rapper seeking its $5,000 deposit back along with the profits it lost when the concert failed to happen. The club sued the defendant for among other things, breach of contract.

Had any of the concert goers been hurt in the incident, it is possible that the club could have found itself on the other side of a civil case, as the defendant in civil personal injury lawsuit. Such a lawsuit could be appropriate if it could be demonstrated that the club did not provide sufficient security for the event.

As is the case in other personal injury lawsuits, plaintiffs in premises liability lawsuits are seeking damages for the injuries they have suffered. The damages could help to cover things such as lost wages or medical bills.

Source:, “Rapper Jim Jones Sued Over Miami Concert Ended By Gunshots,” Roman Wolfe, Oct. 8th, 2012