North Miami ATV accident claims a life

An ATV rider was killed in a car accident in North Miami. Witnesses stated that the ATV was speeding when it crashed into a minivan. The fatal car crash happened on 6th Avenue, at the entrance to a Walgreens near the corner of northeast 149th Street.

One eyewitness said that it appeared that the ATV rider tried to hit his brakes, but it was too late. The ATV hit the minivan near the passenger door. Apparently, after “jumping” the van, the ATV driver died at the scene. He appeared to expire right after moving his head up, then down.

The minivan driver suffered no visible injuries and Miami officials indicated that he would not be charged with any violations. Understandably, the minivan driver was visibly upset over the collision with and death of the other driver.

The spectacular car accident drew a large crowd of spectators from the surrounding apartment complexes. Because of the size of the crowd, a large police presence was assembled to avoid any further traffic problems and protect the accident scene from interference. Dozens of police cars and officers secured the perimeter of the crash scene, allowing traffic homicide detectives to investigate the fatal accident area.

Other details concerning the ATV rider or the minivan driver have not yet been released. The unfortunate fatal crash is still under investigation by Miami-Dade officials. No reasons for the excessive speed of the ATV have, as yet, been determined.

Are you familiar with this North Miami location? Do you consider it a potentially hazardous area? Have you had or witnessed any car accidents near this location in the past? Do you have one or more suggestions to make this area safer?

Source: WPLG, “Man dies in ATV accident in North Miami,” Oct. 6, 2012