Family of woman who died in Hialeah crash donating organs

Some individuals awaiting transplants of various organs may soon receive the news they have been waiting for. This good news is the result of bad news for another family. A 21-year-old woman who was involved in a Miami area accident late last week has been declared brain dead. The crash that left the young woman in this state involved a Hialeah Police Officer.

The collision occurred at the intersection of East 49 Street and 9th Court in Hialeah. According to several who witnessed the crash, the police car, which was unmarked, hit the back of the SUV in which the young woman was a passenger. The force of the impact caused the SUV to flip over. At the time of the incident the officer was on duty.

The college student was not the only person injured in the crash. The person driving the SUV, as well as the officer, were also hurt in the accident. Though the extent of the other injuries is unknown, all involved were transported to area hospitals. The occupants of the SUV were taking in ambulances and the officer in a helicopter. It is known that he suffered a broken leg.

With the news of the young woman being brain dead, some in her family are wondering why the officer was taken to a hospital in the much faster helicopter while the woman was taken in the ambulance. Accordingly, the attorney for the family has indicated that he will be conducting an investigation into the incident that could lead to a lawsuit against the Hialeah Police Department.

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