Speeding car kills one in South Florida

A speeding vehicle appears to be to blame for the death of a woman in the Miami area late last month. That car plowed into several people who were waiting at a bus stop, after first slamming into another vehicle. In total, six individuals were hurt in the crash.

According to the woman driving the vehicle that the speeding car hit, the speeding vehicle came from nowhere. She and her three children, who were riding with her at the time, do not appear to have been injured. Sadly not all fared as well.

An 83-year-old woman survived the initial crash and trip to the hospital, but later died there. Another woman, who was flown via a helicopter to an area hospital survived, but lost both of her legs to amputation. Two other individuals, whose injuries are not known, were listed in critical condition. All of the others were released.

The accident occurred in the late afternoon at the intersection of Northwest 199th Street and Second Avenue. The aftermath was apparently quite a spectacle, complete with several young men lifting a car off victims to free them. The brothers said it was their adrenaline that enabled them to accomplish the feat.

Shortly after the incident occurred, the man who was driving the car that struck the individuals was taken away by the police. Little is known about him or why he was speeding. It is not clear whether he will ultimately face any charges related to his role in the crash.

Source: WSVN, “Driver plows into bus stop, 1 dead,” Oct. 24, 2012

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