Crowded Thanksgiving roads lead to more accidents

Thanksgiving is a time when Miami families get together to enjoy a good meal and good company. Many of them drive to their desired destinations and with more people on the road the chance of a car accident happening starts to rise. In an average week there are 748 traffic fatalities on U.S. roads, during the week of Thanksgiving that number rises by 50.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the higher likelihood of a car accident. For one, as the auto club AAA reports, there are millions traveling for the holiday, and 90% are traveling by car. Also more areas may experience weather related challenges, and there are more people on the road in the evening or late at night, and there’s a higher chance that those drivers may have been drinking or may be tired from all the festivities.

On any given Thanksgiving, there is always a mixture of those who are driving somewhat impaired, and those who are simply trying to get from point A to point B, and too many of these go from being thankful to dying in a car accident. This happened to one newlywed couple Thanksgiving of 2011 who were killed on their way to a family gathering.

For those who are traveling on Thanksgiving or during Thanksgiving week it is apparent that being extra alert is most advisable. However, when accidents do happen, it is important that they are reported in as much detail as possible, especially if anyone involved suffers a personal injury.

Source: USA Today, “Thanksgiving week one of deadliest on the highway,” Larry Copeland, Nov. 18, 2012