Bus accident at Miami airport causes deaths

A fatal motor vehicle accident occurred this past weekend at the Miami International Airport. The incident involved not a car but rather a charter bus that was full of passengers from a Jehovah’s Witnesses church group. At the time of the car accident the group, which was from Sweetwater, was on its way to a church convention in West Palm Beach.

This accident was not due to a collision with another vehicle. Instead, the bus hit an overpass. The driver of the bus apparently did was not familiar with the airport and took a wrong turn, entering an area in which the clearance was not high enough for the bus. The bus became lodged under an overpass when it hit it travelling at about 20 mph. The force of the collision apparently threw several of the passengers from their seats.

A total of 14 passengers, many of whom were elderly, were transported to the hospital after the incident. There one of them died and two were described as being in critical condition. A second person died at the scene of the crash.

Each day individuals throughout the nation entrust their safety to drivers of vehicles. Upon boarding a large bus most likely assume that the driver of the vehicle will do what is necessary to keep the passengers safe. When however, as is the case in this instance, negligence on the part of the driver is to blame for injuries or death, the injured individuals or the loved ones of the people who have died do have options in civil court. Financial damages may be sought via a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: USA Today, “2 die in bus crash at Miami airport; 3 critical” Dec. 1, 2012