New research brings hope for spinal injury victims

Every day many Miami residents find themselves involved in accidents that result in a personal injury, and while any injury can be difficult, among the most devastating is a spinal injury. These injuries not only change lives, they turn them upside-down. Not only does the survivor need to get used to a more difficult life due to the high level of paralysis experienced, but there are continual medical and care expenses that can add up very quickly.

While medical science can be a true marvel at times, traditionally, spinal cord injuries have been an area where doctors hit a brick wall when it comes to making the victims of these injuries experience recovery and regain some aspects of the life they had before. However, just because developments are difficult, doesn’t mean efforts aren’t being made.

One effort that shows particular promise is the use or nerve stimulation in order to help patients regain feeling and possibly the use of their hands. A recent study published in the journal, Current Biology, explored the effects of nerve stimulation on 19 people who had suffered partial spinal cord injuries. By using this method, participants were able to get some feeling back in their hands, and were even able to move them.

While the results were encouraging, there is still a lot of work to do. The benefits experienced were only temporary, but the results does bring hope that more treatments will be available for these and other serious injuries, and many may occur via minimally invasive procedures such as nerve stimulation. It also shows that those who suffer from these injuries today may have their reality turned around once again tomorrow. Filing personal injury cases is one way for these people to a see that they will be able to take advantage of any new technology that develops that may make their life easier.

Source: U.S. News, “Nerve Stimulation May Restore Hand Function After Spinal Injury,” Amy Norton, Nov. 29, 2012