Dolphin bites girl at Florida amusement park

Anytime an individual visits a location he or she has a right to visit that person assumes that certain steps will be taken to ensure his or her safety. Commercial properties such as amusement parks are not an exception. When a visitor to such a location is injured during his or her visit, it is possible that the injured person could file a premises liability lawsuit.

Late last month an 8-year-old girl who was visiting Florida’s SeaWorld, was hurt when she was bit by a dolphin she had been feeding. The incident occurred when the girl lifted up the empty paper plate that had contained the fish for the animal. Everyone feeding the dolphins had reportedly been told that they should not hold up the paper plate as the girl accidentally did.

The bite resulted in three puncture wounds on one of her hands. It is likely that many readers of this post have seen the video of the incident that the girl’s family released online. After the incident the girl’s parents indicated their displeasure with the way the matter was handled after-the-fact. They claim that no one offered bandages or told them what they should be concerned about regarding the puncture wounds healing.

This incident clearly could have ended with a much worse result. If the dolphin hadn’t let go, the girl may have been pulled into the water where she possibly could have died.

It is not clear if the family will file a lawsuit against the amusement park.

Source: CNN, “SeaWorld defends protocol, staffers’ actions after dolphin bites girl,” John Couwels, Dec. 3, 2012