Larry Miller on the mend after serious fall

At times, it can seem as if celebrities live a charmed life and other times it seems like they are cursed a bit as well. Recently, the actor Larry Miller got a dose of both. Last April the comic fell on a sidewalk and hit the back of his head. The fall resulted in a month long coma where he had to receive life support.

The actor’s recovery was far from a sure thing and he needed extensive therapy to regain many cognitive functions due to the brain injury he suffered in the accident. His spokesman had reported that the actor was “lucky to be alive.”As for the actor himself, he is thankful as well, and at this point he feels well enough to go back to work. His doctors are now expecting a full recovery.

Of course, falling down isn’t something that only happens to the famous. Unsettled sidewalks or excessive ice is just two possibilities that may cause someone to slip on a sidewalk. There may also be obstacles on stairways, in driveways, or various other places where someone might not see them resulting in a fall, and if the person hits their head, quite possibly a brain injury.

When a working celebrity suffers an injury, they often get the best care and are able to recover quickly. But no matter who faces a brain injury it is important that they also receive quality care. But to get that care, it costs money, and often more money than insurance alone will cover. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, those injured or advocating for the injured can help see that the injured person gets the compensation they need.

Source: Huffington Post, “Larry Miller Brain Injury: Actor Recovers After Life-Threatening Fall,” Jan. 8, 2013