Training important tool in reducing truck accidents

There is no doubt about it, trucks play an important role in commerce throughout the nation, including Florida. They make it possible for individuals throughout the country to get a hold of goods grown and manufactured in other locations. This is something that many undoubtedly take for granted.

Of course the heavy reliance on trucks means that there are many on the road. This in turn, means that the odds of motor vehicle accidents involving trucks occurring, is fairly good. As many readers of this blog are likely aware, these accidents can have a devastating outcome. In addition to serious injuries, in the worst cases, those involved, usually in smaller vehicles, could be killed.

Federal officials recognize that truck accidents are something that needs to be kept to a minimum. Accordingly, regulations have been created that must be followed by both trucking companies and truck drivers. Regulations alone are not enough however. Training is also obviously an important component.

Training can take many different forms. Today it is not unusual to obtain that training virtually. This type of training can provide simulations of driving various types of vehicles in many different types of situations. In addition it can also demonstrate how to properly conduct visual inspections of the truck before taking to the road.

While training can certainly have an impact on reducing the number of truck accidents that occur in the state of Florida, it will not completely eliminate them. Do you have any ideas on how such accidents could be reduced?

Source: Truck News, “Virtual Driver Interactive introduces Semi-Truck Safety solution,” Jan. 23, 2013