Famous actress and fiancé involved in scuffle at Miami club

The winter holidays are a time of great celebration for many people. Accordingly it is not uncommon for friends and family to socialize over food and drink. People of all backgrounds, including those who are famous, participate in this tradition. Sometimes the occasions take place at nightclubs and while a majority of the time the gatherings go off without a hitch, under some circumstances problems can arise.

Popular actress Sofia Vergara found herself in the middle of one such problem at the start of this new year while attending a party at Miami’s Story. According to reports her fiancé reportedly became involved in a scuffle with partygoers at a table located near theirs. When the actress stepped in to try to diffuse the argument, she was pushed to the ground. Her dress was also reportedly torn which led to what is perhaps best described as a wardrobe malfunction.

Vergara’s fiancé was ultimately escorted out of the establishment by club security.

Fortunately, other than embarrassment the actress was not injured in the scuffle. The same cannot be said of her fiancé however. He reportedly suffered bruises as a result of the incident. Thankfully these injuries do not appear to be too serious.

It is not clear what was at the root of the dispute or how it got so out of hand. It is fair to say that most patrons of Miami clubs expect they will be reasonably safe from harm while visiting. As this incident illustrates that is not always the case. When patrons of such establishments are hurt it is possible that in some situations a premises liability lawsuit could be filed. Because these are often complicated cases it is usually a good idea to contact a lawyer who handles such cases sooner rather than later.

Source: US Weekly, “PICS: Sofia Vergara, Fiance Nick Loeb Involved in Miami Club Brawl on New Year’s Eve,” Zach Johnson, Jan. 2, 2013

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