Accident involving garbage truck injures worker

Often when one hears about a truck accident it involves one of the large vehicles crashing into another object. This is not the only way in which accidents involving trucks can occur in Miami however. Recently a man was injured in an accident involving a truck in another Florida community. The man was apparently working at the time of the incident.

The truck involved in this particular accident was a garbage truck. According to authorities, the man was in the process of cleaning the truck when the incident occurred. While he worked, the hydraulic door in the back was apparently triggered, catching the man. Unaware that the worker was positioned where he was, the driver of the truck reportedly was responsible for this action.

Perhaps not surprisingly the worker was seriously injured in the incident. Though he is alive, he apparently suffered trauma described as sever to the upper half of his body.

Undoubtedly this injury will lead to a long hospital stay and mounting hospital bills. While the man could potentially obtain workers’ compensation benefits from his employer, a third party personal injury lawsuit could be possible as well. Such a lawsuit could be filed against the other worker as well as the man’s employer.

The first order of business for the man is to recover. As his injuries are considered life-threatening, this could take a while. Investigating filing such a lawsuit however should be done as soon as possible. There are multiple reasons for this including the importance of gathering evidence in a timely manner and making sure the filing occurs during the time allotted.

Source: Miami Herald, “Garbage truck accident severely injures Fla. Man,” The Associated Press, March 4, 2013