Speed apparently a reason for fatal Miami crash

Car accidents are reality throughout the Miami area. They occur for a variety of reasons and in the very worst cases they result in death. Earlier this month a two car accident left a man dead.

According to authorities a vehicle driven by a woman hit another car causing the second car to run into a tree after first spinning around. The force of the impact caused the man in the second vehicle to suffer injuries that were so serious that he died. At the time of the crash, the vehicle driven by the woman was reportedly speeding. Though she too was hurt in the collision, it was not seriously.

Even when not fatal, the outcome of a car crash can be serious. Those involved could find that they are dealing with medical issues long after the date of the crash. This is particularly true when the types of injuries involved are brain or spinal injuries. Many individuals who suffer these types of injuries could need rehabilitation and other types of medical attention for years as they recover.

Because this can so dramatically alter one’s life, many find that filing a personal injury lawsuit against the party responsible for the injury inducing accident is beneficial. Monetary damages recovered in a successful lawsuit could help to cover expenses tied to the injury as well as provide something more to live on. Loved ones of individuals who died because of the actions of another could similarly potentially obtain damages.

It is not clear what, if anything else besides speed, contributed to the crash occurring in this case. There may have been more to it however as police indicate the vehicle driven by the woman potenitally struck another car earlier.

Source: NBC Miami, “1 Driver Dead in 2-Vehicle Accident on Sunset Drive: Miami-Dade Police,” March 3. 2013

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