Driver faces charges for truck accident on Route 40

During the afternoon on March 23, a truck accident occurred in North Union. A 44-year-old male from Milwaukee was traveling in the westbound lane on Route 40. He traveled over the summit of the mountain and failed to bring his tractor-trailer vehicle to a complete stop at the top as he was required to do.

As he was traveling down the mountain from the summit, police say that his vehicle reached an excessive speed, and this may be why he lost control of his truck. His truck struck a barrier on the road, and the vehicle overturned. No other vehicles were reported in this truck accident. As a result of the accident, the driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment for unspecified injuries. Police state that charges are pending against the driver.

In this truck accident, the driver’s vehicle was the only one reported as affected by the event, and the driver may be the only injured party. The driver’s negligence to stop at the top summit of the mountain as required may have played a role in the event. If another party had been affected by his negligence, they may have faced medical expenses, property damage and other costs. A personal injury lawsuit against the party responsible for the event may have provided such a party with financial compensation for those expenses.

A truck accident can be expensive due to the various costs associated with property damage, injuries and lost wages. When others have been affected by a car accident caused by another person, they may have the right to seek punitive damages in a civil court. Those who are interested in exploring their rights in more detail may contact a Miami-Dade personal injury lawyer.

Source: Pittsburgh Post- Gazette, “Charges pending in Fayette County crash,” March 24, 2013