Parental monitoring tools improve teen driving habits

Parents in Florida can now monitor their teenagers’ driving with the use of two new products, Geofencing and the Drivecam. When children know their driving habits are being tracked, they are less likely to engage in risky behaviors and end up in a car crash. Since automobile accidents are a leading cause of death for teenagers, these new products can reduce parents’ stress when their children are behind the wheel.

Geofencing allows parents to track where their children are and how fast they are driving, and it will send parents alerts when they go outside of a particular area or exceed a certain speed. The Geofencing system even allows parents to log into a website and find out exactly where their children are. This not only can curb a teen’s impulse to speed, but it can also ensure that parents know where their children are at nearly all times.

Another way parents can keep tabs on their children when they are on the road is with the Drivecam. This system uses a dashboard camera that turns on and starts recording when a driver engages in reckless behavior. In addition to making teens more aware of their behaviors at the wheel, it also enables parents to make suggestions for improving their driving.

Automobile accidents can carry a heavy cost in terms of damage to a vehicle and physical injury. Even if people are not disabled by an accident, they may end up with enormous medical bills and lost wages. Individuals in these circumstances may want to speak with an attorney to find out what their options are for compensation.

Source: CBS New York, “Seen At 11: New Technology Could Help Teens Stay Safe Behind The Wheel,” April 4, 2013