Child suffers brain injury aboard Florida-based cruise ship

According to a news report, a nine-year-old boy had to undergo emergency surgery as a result of an accident aboard a Miami-based cruise ship while it was anchored in Nassau in February. The boy’s parents have a filed a lawsuit against the cruise line in Miami District Court charging it with negligence. According to the report, the boy has been left with severe and permanent brain damage.

The boy had been invited by the crew to participate in a game similar to dodge ball. As part of the game, children tried to avoid being hit by balls thrown by the crew. During the game, the boy was injured when he ran into one of the other children. Injuries from the collision required him to undergo emergency brain surgery in Nassau.

According to the complaint, the cruise ship didn’t provide safety gear for the children and failed to provide warning signs during the game. The cruise line responded in a statement stating that, in the opinion of the cruise line, the accident could have happened anywhere that children play.

For a person who has suffered a brain injury in an accident, an attorney may be able to help. The degree to which persons are injured may vary. Consequences such as mood swings, personality changes and loss of motor skills may follow individuals for the rest of their lives. An attorney may be able to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident in order to pinpoint fault. The attorney may then be able to negotiate with insurance companies or suggest other options to seek compensation from whoever is responsible.

Source: Business Insurance, “Family sues Royal Caribbean after child sustains brain injury during game on cruise“, Judy Greenwald, August 22, 2013