Semi truck catches fire in accident

The Florida Highway Patrol warned motorists of a traffic accident on I-95 southbound at mile marker 204 in the early morning hours of Sept. 6. The truck accident included a semi truck and two other vehicles.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident involved a semi truck, a car carrier and a pickup truck. The accident reportedly occurred when the car carrier was parked in an emergency lane on the southbound lane because of a flat tire and the semi truck was in the outside lane. The pickup truck was parked in front of the car carrier in the emergency lane. The semi truck entered into the emergency lane and impacted the car carrier on the left side of the vehicle. The impact between the semi truck and the car carrier caused fire to the semi truck and debris to be thrown toward the pickup truck, which also caught fire. The semi then drove onto the west shoulder and hit trees and shrubs.

The semi truck and pickup truck were totaled because of the fire. Surrounding shrubs also caught fire when the semi truck hit them. Breyard County Sheriff’s Office and Fire Rescue responded to the accident. No injuries were reported at the time of the accident, and all but the left southbound lanes were closed.

Florida personal injury lawyers may be able to assist individuals who are injured because of the negligence of another driver. A tractor-trailer crash can result in serious head injuries, permanent disability or death due to the large discrepancy between the size and weight of a semi trailer and a passenger vehicle. Compensation may be available to the victim for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Source: Space Coast Daily, “BCFR Extinguishes Burning Semi Truck on I-95“, September 06, 2013