Miami-Dade I-95 crash leaves six injured

Florida Highway Patrol officials said an accident on Interstate 95 in Miami-Dade County left six people injured, including two in critical condition. The driver of the car reportedly was speeding, lost control of his car and crashed into a guardrail. Troopers said the auto accident happened late on the night of Sept. 1 in the southbound lanes of the highway near 103rd Street.

Officials said two of the passengers were thrown from the car as it hit a wall and then struck another vehicle. Medical personnel transported those two passengers to Ryder Trauma Center in critical condition. Two other passengers were transported there in stable condition. Authorities did not immediately release the names any of the injured people.

It took several hours for highway workers to clear the scene and for officials to investigate at the scene. During that time, all southbound traffic lanes were closed. State troopers later reopened the highway. The accident was still under investigation. Highway patrol officials said that they were conducting the investigation into the accident as a traffic homicide investigation because of the severity of the injuries of some of the victims.

An auto accident can change a victim’s life forever. Another person’s negligence can result in injuries to the spine, brain or limbs, and cause pain, suffering and even long-term disability. As a result, someone who is injured can face high medical bills while at the same time they experience loss of income because of their injuries.

A personal injury attorney could help to gather eye-witness accounts and evidence after an accident to help a victim pursue a claim for damages. An attorney could file a case to get compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress caused by the injuries.

Source: NBC Miami, “Six Injured in Violent Crash on I-95 in Miami-Dade”, September 02, 2013