Teenage victim of party shooting files suit against Florida city

A shooting victim is suing a Florida city for damages after being shot in the arm at a sweet 16 party in 2012. The victim claims that the city provided inadequate security that resulted in multiple gunmen entering the party. Two party guests were killed, and six were wounded in the tragic incident.

On Sept. 1, 2012, a 16th birthday party was held in Riviera Beach at Newcomb Hall. Two shooters were at the party, one of whom is believed to be one of those killed. The other shooter has been charged with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder. The plaintiff, a former high school football player, was shot in the arm by the gunman.

The plaintiff is suing for damages related to the shooting, though state law caps the amount of recovery at $200,000. In a press conference, the now 18-year-old victim explained the after effects of the shooting, including nightmares and a terrifying fear of guns. His forearm was shattered by the bullet, and it has been replaced by a rod with twelve screws. The victim claims that the lease signed for the venue required police officers to serve as security on the night of the party. Police stated at the time that only one officer was present to provide security. An attorney representing another victim is also planning to file suit against the city if a settlement with his client is not reached.

Inadequate security and failure to provide proper management of the premises can result in an unreasonable risk of harm for those at the venue. An attorney who is familiar with premises liability may be able to help recover damages for personal injury and wrongful death that result from unsafe conditions and lack of proper security.

Source: The Palm Beach Post, “Sweet 16 party shooting victim sues Riviera Beach over inadequate security”, Jane Musgrave, August 30, 2013