Driver hits fences, yards and neighbor

A Florida woman in her 60s drove her Mercedes-Benz through three yards as she plowed over fences and struck a neighbor who was relaxing outside before her vehicle landed in her own backyard. The victim was transported to a medical facility by emergency personnel and was initially listed in serious condition. Her condition later worsened to critical. The driver of the Mercedes was treated for minor injuries at a medical facility. She and the victim are next-door neighbors.

Local fire rescue personnel believe she might not have been able to properly navigate a turn. They also said that she could have overcompensated and driven through yards and fences as she sped up. Her car narrowly escaped driving into a pool and landed in her own screened-in patio. Debris from the broken fences and a destroyed lounge chair were scattered about in at least one yard.

Neighbors reported that the driver was a hospital worker who spends a lot of time on her job. One resident said that she had hit a mailbox and knocked over a tree a few years ago. A woman was house-sitting in one of the homes affected by the driver, and she observed that it was a good thing the family wasn’t home since the young girl spent much of her time in the pool.

After a serious injury due a driver’s negligence, the injured parties may be able to pursue legal action in order to recover from damages. A personal injury attorney might be able to help clients pursue financial compensation.

Source: NBC Miami, “Car Hit Fences and Sunbather in Plantation: Authorities“, Justin Finch, October 12, 2013