University of Miami students killed in car crash honored

Friends and family of two University of Miami engineering students attended a candlelight memorial service in their honor after the couple was hit by a car and killed. The woman who struck them with her Porsche has not been charged.

The accident happened when the two students were crossing the street at Kendall Drive and 68th Court. They had crossed five lanes of traffic and were near the curb in front of their apartment complex when they were struck by a woman driving a Porsche who police say they believe was driving carelessly. The woman’s car came to a stop a block past where the accident occurred. Police are seeking witnesses to the accident.

Pedestrians who survive collisions with motor vehicles often do so with catastrophic injuries, requiring them to make dramatic adjustments to their way of life. After an accident, many will experience a diminished quality of life due to the loss of some degree of cognitive or ambulatory abilities. In addition to the acute medical attention and care immediately needed, they may alsp require long-term medical care and physical rehabilitative and therapeutic services. Families who lose loved ones in these crashes may find themselves suffering economic hardships due to the loss of a primary source of income.

Economic damages are available to compensate victims and survivors of auto-pedestrian accidents. The families of loved ones killed in these events are entitled to recoup fair and adequate compensation for the benefits they would have received from their deceased family member had they survived. A personal injury lawyer might be able to help these accident survivors protect their economic interests.

Source: NBC Miami, “2 University of Miami Engineering Students Struck and Killed by Car Remembered at Makeshift Memorial“, Christina Hernandez, October 26, 2013