Florida pedestrian accidents increase during holiday weeks

According to findings by Allstate Insurance Company, pedestrian accidents in Florida increase on average about 23 percent the week of Halloween each year. Allstate released this conclusion after examining claims from the last five years, which revealed the dramatic increase. However, this is not the highest increase experienced in pedestrian accidents from one week to the next. Christmas week brings an increase of 30 percent. Thanksgiving week shows an increase of 20 percent on average.

There are many factors that can result in a pedestrian suffering a personal injury from an accident. These factors include the behaviors of both drivers and pedestrians as well as environmental factors. According to an Allstate agent, the increase in pedestrian accidents around holiday weeks from October to December might also be the result of more people being on the streets, both in their vehicles and walking.

The company has some suggestions for keeping safe during this time. The first suggestion is to not drink and drive and designate a driver if there will be drinking. Second is to not text and drive since even neighborhoods that normally experience light car and pedestrian traffic might be more congested during these times. Third is to not text and walk to keep aware. Particularly during times like Halloween trick or treating, an adult or older youth should be supervising children as they walk through the neighborhood.

While it is not always possible to avoid injury during a pedestrian accident, being alert is important since in some cases it can prevent a more serious injury from occurring. A pedestrian injured in an accident might benefit from the guidance a lawyer can provide to decide if compensation should be sought for the expenses incurred as a result of treatment and recovery from the injury.

Source: WCTV, “Florida Pedestrian Accidents Jump 23% During Halloween”, October 29, 2013