Hyundai issues recall for defects

Florida motorists who drive a Hyundai Entourage minivan might want to contact their local dealer to investigate whether theirs is one of more than 15,000 vans in the United States that are being recalled. This recall pertains to an auto part in vehicles that were built from Feb. 16, 2006, through June 30, 2008, that can cause serious auto accidents and injuries if it fails.

According to reports, the automaker has issued the recall because the vehicles’ front lower control arms may corrode in cold weather conditions when there is salt on the roads. While no accidents related to the issue have been reported, the lower control arms may crack or break during operation, leading to a complete loss of control of the vehicle. This is dangerous as it can happen at any time and lead to traffic accidents and injuries.

While the automaker is specifically recalling the 15,500 Entourage vehicles that were sold or are registered in the northeastern and upper Midwestern states, drivers in coastal areas might also be aware that salt water vapor is also corrosive and could cause a problem. Those who own a Hyundai Entourage might be able to take steps with their auto dealers to help prevent corrosion and breakage.

If an accident is caused by a faulty part or manufacturing, the driver and any other individuals who suffered injuries may be entitled to compensation for financial costs like lost wages and medical expenses. If a recall was being considered for the failed part, a personal injury attorney may use it as evidence that the manufacturer was aware of the problem and should be held responsible.

Source: Auto World News, “Hyundai recall: 15,500 2007-’08 Entourage minivans called back in U.S.“, Matt Mercuro, November 29, 2013