Teen suffering from spinal cord injury takes his first steps

Suffering from a spinal cord injury can often lead to permanent paralysis. The medical costs of this type of injury can be significant. Whether the injury was caused by an vehicle accident or any other reason, rehabilitation and long-term medical care are usually necessary. Miami-Dade residents might want to read about a teen who is taking his first steps after suffering from a spinal cord injury caused by a shooting.

The 16-year-old male was struck by a bullet while he was riding his bike a year ago in Dec. 2012. He has no sensation in his legs, but hasn’t let that thwart his determination to walk again. While he still has a long way to go, he and his father rejoiced after he took his first steps since the accident. He uses orthotic braces to help him walk.

The teen’s physical therapist says that he is doing better than most who have been in his position. Walking on his own is a dream that the teen continues to work toward. He played sports in school, but says that therapy is harder than football.

Any traumatic spinal cord injury can leave you wondering if you will ever be able to do the things you once enjoyed. If you suffered a spinal cord injury that led to permanent disability, paralysis or any other condition, you might be able to seek compensation to help with the related bills. Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney might help you decide on the types of compensation you should seek. These legal professionals can also help you prepare your case for the legal proceedings often necessary to get compensation for your injuries.

Source: 7 News WSVN, “So. Fla. paralyzed teen takes first step” No author given, Dec. 19, 2013