8 vehicles involved in fatal trucking accident

Getting into an accident with a truck can easily lead to serious injuries or death. Because of that, it is especially important for truckers to follow all applicable traffic laws, federal laws and driving guidelines that have been instituted to help keep trucks from causing serious accidents. Miami-Dade residents might like to read about a multi-vehicle accident involving trucks that left one person dead and another critically injured.

Road construction on U.S. 301 necessitated that a flagman stop traffic on the road. A trucker with an empty flat bed stopped at the end of the line of stopped traffic. A loaded log truck rear-ended the semi-truck and caused the flat bed to go through the cab of the truck. The driver in the cab of that truck died as the result of the accident.

Just prior to the accident, the driver of another semi-truck involved in the accident heard a warning about a “break check” over his CB radio.

Ultimately, four cars and four trucks were involved in this fatal trucking accident. Four victims were transported to local hospitals, and the road was closed in both directions.

Anyone driving a vehicle must be cautious when entering work zones to help ensure the safety of the workers and other drivers. When semi-truck drivers become distracted, deadly accidents can occur. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a trucking accident, you might be able to seek compensation for the damages and related expenses. Consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer well-versed in Florida law can help you to make an informed decision regarding your course of action.

Source: The Florida Times-Union Jacksonville.com, “Multi-vehicle crash deadly on Nassau’s 301” Dan Scanlan, Dec. 18, 2013