Girl injured in Florida parasailing accident making progress

Getting into an accident is a scary experience for anyone, but when that accident involves a spine injury or a brain injury, the fear level seems to increase. For one teenager, an accident that occurred in Florida has changed her life considerably. Despite being seriously injured in the parasailing accident, the girl says she is staying positive.

The teenager was parasailing in Panama City last year when the harrowing accident occurred. The line that was holding her to the boat snapped. Strong winds slammed her into a condo, a power line, and a car. The Coast Guard reported that the close proximity to the shore and severe weather contributed to the accident.

She says she still has nightmares about the accident and remembers almost everything. She suffered a fractured skull, a brain injury, and broken bones in her spine. The doctors feared she would never walk again.

While she still has significant pain and can’t do everything that she could do prior to the accident, she can now walk slowly. She relearned how to brush her teeth and do other basic tasks. She can even read at a fourth grade level.

This young lady’s determination has enabled her to learn to live with the effects of the injuries caused by the accident. This young girl’s parents have opted to sue the parasailing company responsible for their daughter’s spine, back, and brain injuries. If you have been in an accident that caused significant injuries, you might have the right to do what this teen’s parents did and sue the responsible party for compensation.

Source: Daily Reporter, “Indiana teenager badly injured in Florida parasailing crash says she’s staying positive” No author given, Jan. 23, 2014