Any type of spinal cord injury can have a drastic impact

Whether a spinal cord injury in Florida is complete or incomplete, it can have a huge impact on your life. A complete injury could mean that you cannot move your legs entirely, for example, while an incomplete injury means that you may retain some feeling and movement, but it may be restricted to a noticeable degree. Of course, the height at which the spine is injured will determine how much of your body is impacted.

Either way, you can imaging the drastic changes this could force you to make in your life. Many people think that an incomplete injury is much better to sustain because you can still keep some motor skills, and this is true, but even a slight loss might make it so that you can no longer work, so that you can no longer enjoy pastimes – like sports or hiking – that you once loved and so that every day is a constant reminder of your injury.

When this happens, you may face significant financial damages. There will be medical costs from the initial hospital visit, but injuries like this often take years to heal, if they heal at all. That means you could have costs for rehabilitation that are almost never-ending, which go along with the pain and suffering you had to endure. If the injury does mean that you can no longer work, there are also damages for your lost wages, both while you are getting the initial treatment and in the future.

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