College senior killed, another student injured in car crash

Many college students enjoy taking part in activities with other students who go to the same college. For some students, these activities might include trips to locations out of the state. These trips usually involve a lot of fun and everyone returns safely. Sadly, that isn’t what happened to some students from Duke University who were on a trip during spring break.

The students from Duke University were traveling back to the campus after a five-day camping and canoeing trip when they were involved in a fatal car accident while traveling west on Interstate 10 in Florida. The director of the Duke Outdoor Adventures program was driving the van when it was struck by a vehicle driven by a 25-year-old man. The man was going east on the interstate when he crossed the median and hit the van. Both vehicles flipped. A second vehicle that was transporting members of the group wasn’t involved in the accident.

A female student, who was a senior with a double major in computer science and mathematics, was killed in the accident. Another student who was in the van was seriously injured. He was airlifted to a local hospital and was in stable condition. Five other students who were traveling in the van weren’t injured.

The man who was driving the vehicle that crashed into the van was allegedly drunk and faces several charges. He was charged with six counts of DUI injury, one count of DUI manslaughter, one count of DUI property damage and one count of DUI serious bodily damage.

This sad turn of events has taken its toll on the university, which is planning a memorial for the student. For the family of the young woman who was killed, learning to cope with her absence is just starting. The student who sustained injuries in the accident and deceased young woman’s family might have the right to seek compensation. If they decide to pursue that option, the advice of an experienced Florida personal injury attorney may prove valuable.

Source: The Chronicle, “Man charged in accident killing senior Rebecca DeNardis, injuring others” No author given, Mar. 14, 2014