Woman arrested for fatal Florida crash

It has taken police five months to arrest a 21-year-old woman in connection with a November 2013 car accident that took the life of another 21-year-old woman and eventually took the life of her friend. The friend succumbed to her injuries after the crash. While it may seem like it took a long time for the arrest, police knew who the driver of the other vehicle was. She has been recovering from injuries she suffered in the crash.

Police say the woman, who was under 21years old when the accident occurred, was intoxicated when she traveled the wrong way on the Sawgrass Expressway, eventually crashing into a Toyota Camry. The woman had allegedly posted a tweet a few hours before that fatal accident, which read, “2 drunk 2 care.” She allegedly had marijuana in her system and her blood alcohol level was reportedly almost twice what is allowed legally in the state of Florida.

The 911 call center took at least 10 reports of the wrong-way driver, which some estimated was traveling at speeds close to 100 mph before the car accident. Investigators said that the woman was drinking at a taxicab company located in Coral Springs, Florida.

The families of the two young women who lost their lives say that it’s been very hard knowing that the driver will still be “able to live her life,” while their loved ones won’t be coming back. They want to see her stand trial for the deaths of their family members and were even at the jail when the woman was transferred to the Broward County Jail by paramedics. They hoped to be able to see her going into the jail.

The woman faces two counts of vehicle homicide, two counts of DUI manslaughter due to unlawful blood alcohol level, two counts of DUI manslaughter due to impairment and two counts of driving without a license causing death.

The families are pursuing compensation from the taxicab company because they allegedly furnished or sold alcoholic beverages to the driver, who was not legally old enough to drink.

While many victims and their families pursue litigation against the at-fault driver, an experienced Florida personal injury attorney can be your ally through this harrowing and legally complicated time.

Source: CBS Local, “Accused Wrong-Way Driver in Deadly Sawgrass Expressway Crash Arrested,” Carey Codd, April 7, 2014