Florida school bus, car and truck accident kills 2 and injures 7

Police in Jacksonville, Florida, have released the names of victims who died and were injured in a violent truck accident. The semi-truck accident involved two motor vehicles, which were waiting behind a stopped school bus. Allegedly, a tractor-trailer smashed into the two vehicles from behind, resulting in seven injuries and two tragic deaths.

The incident, which occurred on a recent Friday afternoon, occurred while a 40-year-old woman was waiting behind the school bus in her sport utility vehicle. A second car was in front of her, also waiting behind the bus. The Florida Highway Patrol claims that a semi-truck, driven by a 70-year-old man, rear-ended the SUV and its trailer fell on top of the second car. The SUV driver was pronounced dead at the accident scene. A 65-year-old woman who was riding with her also died later that day after being transported to the hospital.

The driver of the tractor-trailer, who allegedly caused this fatal semi-truck crash, survived with only minor injuries. The driver of the second car, which the semi’s trailer fell on top of, also survived with just minor injuries. Inside the school bus, four children suffered non-life-threatening injuries, which they received treatment for at the hospital.

Considering that 13 students were riding in the school bus at the time of this Florida truck accident, it is extremely fortunate that none of them suffered serious or fatal injuries. Nevertheless, the injured victims — no matter how minor their injuries were — will be forced to pay for the steep medical bills associated with their emergency medical services.

These victims, along with the families of those who were tragically killed in this crash, will likely have recourse to pursue personal injury and wrongful death claims against the driver of the truck. If the man was also working for an employer at the time of the incident, his employer may also be liable for the costs associated with the injuries and damages caused.

Source: The Florida Times-Union, “Jacksonville police identify victims in accident that killed 2, injured 7 when truck hit 2 cars, school bus” Joe Daraskevich & Denise Amos, Apr. 11, 2014