3 die in fatal car crash after Miami drunk driver runs red light

It is regrettable any time a person is killed during a car crash, but those emotions are felt most severely when the victims die at the hands of a drunk driver. Three Miami families are now experiencing that tragedy after their loved ones were struck by a driver who ran a red light.

According to police the incident began after a two girls, both 17-years-old, crashed into an SUV being driven by an older woman. Witnesses say that the three women were gathered around the wrecked vehicles when they were joined by another man described as a “good Samaritan.” The 45-year-old man had placed himself into the accident scene to see if he could provide assistance. Some time after that a car driven by a man, whom police say was drunk, blew through a flashing red light at a nearby intersection and smashed into the two teenage girls and the “good Samaritan” with such force that they could not be saved.

One witness described the car driven by the drunk driver as not even slowing down when he went through the intersection just seconds prior to the car crash. Police arrested him at the scene.

Interestingly, another witness described the behavior of the two teenage girls as being rather erratic. He also said that they volunteered to him that they had not been drinking without being prompted for that information.

A family can never truly recover from the loss of a loved one killed in such a manner, but it is still possible to recover monetary awards to compensate for lost earnings. According to a friend of the “good Samaritan” he was a dedicated family man who had been born in Cuba. Hopefully his family will retain legal representation and pursue some compensation to secure his children’s future.

Source: Daily News, “Two teen girls, good Samaritan killed when struck by car in Miami” Joe Kemp, Apr. 14, 2014